connecting puzzlepieces

We are a platform in order to exchange ideas, connecting knowledge between a premature idea, already existing experiences, Regulatory aspects, Pharmaceutical production and Marketing by making use of our International Network.

Our database is growing every day. This Database is collecting information from Medical Experts for various therapeutic indications and is available on request. Not all information in the database is for Public use, so feel assured confidentiality is secured. In confidential cases, we first will consult the owner(s) of an idea, before disclosing information.

There are various case where Medical Scientists have experienced positive results with a new treatment, making use of already existing molecules, but with an officially other therapeutic indication for these existing molecules. This results in many cases as off-label use for the new indication.

Medicines, in many cases produced by local Pharmacists but, causing question marks, not only from Authorities, but also from patients.

Drug Rediscovery is, as a platform, strongly focused on facilitating idea’s and safeguarding these, in many cases, old molecules, for new ways of treatment. Safeguarding the product and supported with the documentation as required by authorities, by finding the right matches between industry and scientists.

We can bridge between your idea, your patient, clinical investigations, official bodies and even a decent manufacturing facility. A manufacturer who is able to produce under up to date EU GMP/ USA FDA standards and according the latest guidelines regarding (E)DMF/ ASMF for both the API, but also for the finished formulation, with all necessary data for a Marketing Authorization.

We invite you to challenge and discuss with us and invite you to make use of our wide network.