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Never throw
old shoes away

We try to re-use them
in another - unexpected - way

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well known actives

Latest News

    • 27 NOV 14
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    Major breakthrough in drug rediscovery in Holland

    After many years of commitment, we recently had a major breakthrough in drug rediscovery in The Netherlands. A medicine previously used for cancer patients, has now been approved to use for the treatment of patients with intestinal problems. Several Dutch newspapers and magazines wrote about it. You can read a translation of one article below.

    • 24 JUN 14
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    Drug rediscovery: the case of Tioguanine in The Netherlands

    Professor Mulder is one of the Dutch researchers who focuses writes about drug rediscovery. Drug rediscovery can be a great way to reduce health care costs. Recently Mulder et al published a new article about the case of Tioguanine in The Netherlands You can read out the publication beneath or download a copy of the

    • 24 JUN 14
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    Bogin notices Drug-Rediscovery.com

    Recently Bogin mentioned our drug rediscovery activities and wrote about us in their newsletter. Bogin is the Dutch Association of Generic Medicines and stimulates quality and codes of conduct in the industry. Bogin is engaged in promoting the market position of their members. The newsletter is written in Dutch. You can read it here.

    • 20 JAN 14
    • 2

    Drug rediscovery: clash between old & older?

    This presentation of the Dutch professor Chris Mulder shows his view on the field of drug rediscovery.